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About us

Why hello there.

Before we introduce ourselves, we’d like to kick this off by talking about you.

Yep, you.

Because given that you’ve found us, we think you’re our type of chick. Someone we’d have a soy hot chocolate (or green juice) with.

Our guess? Well.. You’re someone who is educated, intelligent, ambitious and strong. You know that you’re living in a world with endless choices and opportunities - so you work damn hard to build the life that you want. Perhaps you’re a student, a business owner, a mum or a high flying career woman.

Either way - you’re amazing.

You’ve done some extraordinary things.

And yet, despite all this - despite your brilliance - there are moments when you doubt yourself. You question your body, your job, your life. You wonder if you’re good enough. You beat yourself up for the things you don’t do, and forget to acknowledge what you have done.

You’re tough on yourself. Really tough.


Sometimes you don’t believe in your own power. You don’t trust your abilities and talents. You might have given up on that dream, that business idea, that hobby. Perhaps you’ve settled for safe instead of right.

Or maybe you feel like you’re just not good enough.


And you’re not alone. Every single day we meet women and girls who’ve stopped believing in themselves, who’ve stopped seeing their own beauty, power and strength.

And to be honest? It’s not surprising. Did you know every single day you’re exposed to more than 5,000 advertisements? Most of them implying there is something wrong with you.

You’re not thin enough.

Pretty enough.

You’re not working hard enough.

You need to eat less, buy more, be a better wife / mother / girlfriend / daughter – and THEN, maybe then, you’ll be happy.

You’re surrounded constantly by images and messages of perfection. It’s unrealistic. Unachievable. And it’s causing an endemic of low self-esteem.

Do you know the leading cause of death for girls aged 15 – 19 is now? Suicide.

Girls feeling so bad about themselves that they self harm. Low self esteem doesn’t just make you sad, it’s dangerous. It can be the difference between life and death.

This needs to change. And it's up to us to change it.
And that may be a small part of why you’re here. Be. is about taking back your power. It’s about believing in yourself. Owning who you are. And loving what is.

Be. is more than a bangle.

It’s a beacon of light amongst the 5,000 messages we receive each day telling us that we aren’t enough. It’s a stand against the illusion of perfection that we find ourselves surrounded by.

We believe that when you wake up each morning, you can choose who you will be that day.

You can choose to hate your thighs, get frustrated with your body, complain about your job and set aside that dream for another day.

Or you can accept that this life is yours to create. You can take back your power and start believing in you.

You can chase down those things that you thought you couldn’t have. And jump over that barrier that everyone told you was too high.You can believe in your own abilities and surround yourself with people who can see your strengths.

You can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you LOVE what you see.

Loveglow is about choice.

Because now more than ever, the hardest thing is to be yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else.

So take back your power. Own your unique-ness. Wear something that symbolises your strength, your power, your beauty and honour who you are - even if it doesn't live up to what others deem as acceptable.

You're awesome - as you are. Promise. xx



We love our customers and want them to have the best experience with us and our products.  

Loveglow is not a copycat. Our product ideas, and quotes will all stem from a place of originality. We aren't concerned about the competition. We just want to make high quality products that are completely our own.
We aren't afraid to get real with our  customers and our customers aren't afraid to get real with us. We want to know  them, to hear their stories and reasons why they connect with their bangles. We aren't going to fluff around the truth, we will swear when we  like, and we will say  what we think. 

We want to be honest  about the business, and our lives. 

We will own our mistakes. While we are  customer obsessed, we don't believe the  customer is always right and will direct  them to the door if they are being arseholes. That's the truth.  

Loveglow and it's employees are not afraid to have a bit of fun. We aren't serious (unless we really  really need to be) as we  believe everyone takes  themselves a little bit too  seriously, so we want to give  people the space to let loose. Our fun is not at the expense of others. And we believe a good laugh a day is key to a  great working environment.